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New Year – New Memories

Sometimes I will wander down to the office when it is quiet. I look around, it feels like I am witnessing the remains of a building having fallen during the battle from war.

Personal items, once clean are now blackened and charred, still sitting where they were last placed. The metal skeleton of a coffee cup sits on the table in the shop, the same place as when it was last set down. The historical collectibles that were once on the fireplace hearth, now lie as fragments of what they once were. Everything that once resided in the building are now nowhere to be found. All of the pearls that were once proudly set to different types of jewelry lie in ruins, the fire so hot, you are unable to locate any part remaining. You are no longer able to tell where the display case once sat, awaiting the next customer. There is no chance of being able to recover what is now gone.
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