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“Goin Pearl Crazy” Fans Shop at Pearl Museum

autograph1Judy Dobson from Camden, TN and Tyann Dobson & Channa Ragsdale from Bruceton, TN and Janice Maggard from Summerfield FL stopped by the TN River Freshwater Pearl Farm to Christmas shop for Pearls.

While here they requested autographed photos and Tee Shirts from Bob & Judy. Thank you “Dobson Ladies” for your support and your interest in “Goin Pearl Crazy” – with Judy Tucker, Bob Keast and Janice Morgan Maggard.

Goin’ Pearl Crazy

goin-pearl-crazyDon’t Miss It! Tune in at 9:30 pm/ 8:30 pm central time on the Animal Planet TV Network this Sunday the 3rd of November. A 30-minute reality show will air for the fist time, called “Goin’ Pearl Crazy.” This NEW Show is the “pilot show” or “lead in” for the upcoming 2014 season. “Goin Pearl Crazy” follows Animal Planet’s, “Call of the WildMan,” some know him as the “Turtleman.”

According to the TV Guide on the Animal Planet website, “Meet “Big” Bob Keast, owner of Tennessee’s Birdsong Resort & Pearl Farm, his eccentric fiancé, Judy, and his ragtag team of “Dixie Divers” as they scour the river bottom in search of pearl-yielding mollusks.”
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