Goin’ Pearl Crazy Re-Airing

goin-pearl-crazyDon’t Miss It! Tune in at 7:30 pm central time on the Animal Planet TV Network this Sunday the 17th of November. A 30-minute reality show will re-air, called “Goin’ Pearl Crazy.” This NEW Show is the “pilot show” or “lead in” for the upcoming 2014 season.

According to the TV Guide on the Animal Planet website, “Meet “Big” Bob Keast, owner of Tennessee’s Birdsong Resort & Pearl Farm, his eccentric fiancé, Judy, and his ragtag team of “Dixie Divers” as they scour the river bottom in search of pearl-yielding mollusks.”

After filming and seeing the first episode during our private viewing, in my opinion, the new 30-minute show “Goin’ Pearl Crazy” is a blending of The Waltons, Beverly Hillbillys, Dallas and Duck Dynasty all rolled up in one. We shot this “pilot” show on location at Birdsong Resort • Marina • Campground back in the spring and summer. This exciting new show will surely hit some humor in all the antics that surround Birdsong on the scenic Tennessee River’s beautiful Kentucky Lake with all the mollusks, shells, pearls and the many divers who are in the Benton County area. We hope you tune in and give us your opinion of the new reality show.

I am anxious to hear all the feed back on Facebook to see if we can reach up to the expectations of all the reality shows that are on the air today. Who knows, in the future, we may be working with Si, Willie and the gang soon in an episode right here in Camden, Benton County, west Tennessee.