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Deliverence Tour

deliverence-tour“High Water” Photo Tour into upper Birdsong Creek. Bob Keast guides Kentucky Lake Shutterbugs where boats can’t normally travel, except during TVA high water level periods. Lens Tourists included Jay Ballentine, Debbie Wheeler McDorman, Misty White, Jennifer Wilhelm Fox, Shelby Ballentine and Kristi Hicks Halsey — at Birdsong Resort • Marina • Campground.

Germantown UMC – XYZ Group Visits Pearl Farm

Germantown UMC – XYZ Group had wonderful and fun filled Pearl Tour day hosted by Bob Keast and Judy Tucker.

Upon arrival by charted bus with Coach USA the group enjoyed a video presentation and then on to the Birdsong Community Center for a catered Bar Ba Que feast.

Afterwards the group gathered at the water front to enjoy the diver emerging from the water with a basket of shells from the TN River Freshwater Pearl Farm. We opened up a Washboard Mollusk and witnessed the most beautiful pearl ever harvested from the Pearl farm!


Just Upriver of the Battle of Johnsonville

civil_war_tourYou could call it a tale of two banks. On Nov. 4, 1864, C.S. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest’s cavalry shelled the Federal depot at Johnsonville on the Tennessee River’s east bank five miles northeast of this marker, turning it into a mile-long inferno. Most of its military supplies were torched, more than 30 boats burnt.

Damages totaled $2.2 million, which in 2007 would be worth almost $37 million. “We had all the boats in full blast burning, making the prettiest sight man ever saw on the river,” Forrest’s lieutenant, C.S. Gen. Tyree Bell, would later say.

On the west bank of the Tennessee River, residents of Birdsong Creek and other communities cheered the resurrection of the ‘Confederate Navy,’ as Forrest’s victorious cavalry marched south with the flag of the captured-then-sunk U.S.S. Undine. It was the first – and so far, only – time in recorded history that a cavalry defeated a navy.
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