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Tell Me We Can’t Grow Pearls In Tennessee

13055162_1093432874010417_7867051831223539081_oYou are witnessing the birth of an American grown TN freshwater pearl cultivated on the farm at TN River Freshwater Pearl Museum, Tour & Pearl Jewelry Showroom. Look at the lower right side of the mussel shell…can you see the white pearl still slightly embedded in the pearl sac? Tell me we can’t grow pearls in Tennessee.

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Tourism Professionals Visit Birdsong

12303968_1011676285519410_3435807341765791658_oTourism professionals from Stewart, Henry, and Benton counties, L.B.L., and Western Kentucky attended a familiarization tour to become acquainted with the Tennessee River Freshwater Pearl Farm and Museum. They will go back to their community and feel confident referring visitors to our resort, pearl farm, and museum.